NewMusicTuesday: Walk the Moon, What If Nothing

Just when it looked like Walk the Moon was calling it quits, the band is back with a new album, What If Nothing! Riding the success of their hit “Shut Up and Dance,” Walk the Moon was at the top of their game last year, but it all quickly came crashing down. For lead singer Nicolas Petricca, family comes first, so when his father’s Alzheimer’s worsened significantly, the band had to cancel their Work This Body summer tour. Pair that with bassist Kevin Ray’s shoulder injury, and you’ve got a recipe for a band hiatus.

But they couldn’t stay apart for too long — the foursome gathered for Ray’s wedding last October and shortly after, they were back in the studio, writing music together again. “Headphones” and “All I Want” were two of the first few songs they wrote for the new album, and while we love the fun, classic Walk the Moon feel of “Headphones,” the softness and maturity of “All I Want” points to a group that has come a long way!

As for the new album as a whole, What If Nothing brings out the best of Walk the Moon, but with a fresh focus. The name of the album actually stems from a long voice memo that Petricca left his bandmates — rediscovering their band’s identity was tough, but the voice note became a guiding beacon of hope through the creative process. For more on how tidbits from the memo brought the group closer together, watch our interview with Walk the Moon at their album release party below! What If Nothing dropped on November 10 — head on over to iHeartRadio and start listening!

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