#NewMusicTuesday: MisterWives, Connect the Dots

Misterwives kicked off its Connect the Dots tour in Salt Lake City yesterday, and we got to chat with the band before they hit the road! Lead singer Mandy Lee spoke of how nerve-wracking it was to embark on a second album – with high expectations from fans and the music industry’s warning of a sophomore slump – but we’re loving their new tunes as they embark on a multi-city tour!

So how did their hot new album come to fruition? First, they started “band camp,” a whimsical Bronx retreat in drummer Etienne Bowler’s parents’ home. Equipped with a recording studio, garden and treehouse, all six members of the band lived and breathed creative air and just couldn’t get enough. The group continued the album in Woodstock where they wrote music at two in the morning around a bonfire, transformed their living room into a recording studio and often escaped into the woods for impromptu adventures together.

Enabling creativity in the production process also allowed the band to pour raw emotion into their songs and explore different genres. The album title Connect the Dots reflects the diversity of their life experiences and simultaneous connectivity. The indie pop band’s hit single “Machine,” for example, speaks to embracing individuality, and “Coloring Outside the Lines” encourages listeners to defy boundaries. The artists drew from their own life experiences, and the outcome is just magical!

Since their 2015 debut album, Our Own House, the band pushed themselves lyrically and sonically to create new music that fans can really connect with. Their first big single, “Reflections,” earned them a No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists list, and they’re hoping to live up to that level of success. Head on over to iHeartRadio to check out their new album and take a listen to our entire interview below!


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