#NewMusicTuesday: Yo Gotti, I Still Am

Memphis is rich with rap and hip hop history — the city’s current music ambassador, Yo Gotti, feels the weight on his shoulders. But his ninth studio album, I Still Am, doesn’t disappoint! On the contrary, Gotti’s catchy yet honest sound is introducing new listeners to the city’s struggle, resilience and culture.

By Gotti’s own admission, I Still Am is “turn up music,” but the album is also a representation of his tough life in Memphis. The 36-year-old rapper doesn’t shy away from the city’s past, including its role in the Civil Rights Movement, and reflects on what it was like growing up there. Themes from 2013’s I Am reemerge in this sequel album, but make no mistake, Gotti has come a long way since then! “Five years ago, I was moving on my own vision. Now I’m listening and learning,” he says.

The new record is chock-full of collaborations with amazing artists, including 21 Savage, Chris Brown, Neyo, French Montana and, of course, Nicki Minaj, who joined Gotti on his hit single, “Rake it Up,” and helped catapult the song to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. But despite his success, Yo Gotti remains humble: “I just want fans to appreciate the music,” he says. You got it, Gotti!

Hear more about the rising star’s creative process in our exclusive interview below, and check out the rest of his music on iHeartRadio!

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